Doplňky k bibliografii pražské typologie

Addenda to the Bibliography of Prague School Typology

Vít Boček — Bohumil Vykypěl




This text supplements the Bibliography of Prague School Typological Theory, which contained entries up to 2006 and was published in the same year. After a brief reminder of the main principles and the most important representatives of this approach, there follows a list of works published after 2006 and those that appeared during that year, or previously, but were not included in the original Bibliography. The present inventory is divided into four parts, according to authorship: works written by Vladimír Skalička, by Petr Sgall, by Jaroslav Popela, and by other authors.


typologie, pražská škola, bibliografie, Vladimír Skalička, Petr Sgall


typology, Prague School, bibliography, Vladimír Skalička, Petr Sgall




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